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Interior Painting

We believe there are 3 main components to a top-quality interior paint job:

  1. Using a high-quality paint product that is durable to resist scuff marks and ensures surfaces are easy to clean and wipe down 

  2. Preparation before the paint application begins. This includes filling nail holes/cracks, spreading out drop cloths over flooring/furniture, masking and taping off anything that needs it, etc.

  3. The technique and application of the paint. While paint technology has come along the way here in 2020, there is still an art and a science to applying the paint to ensure that a smooth uniform finish is provided. 

At Color Concepts Inc. we are skilled at painting or staining just about anything inside your home. We also do minor drywall repair work as well so that we can be a one-stop shop for all of your painting & staining needs!

If you're struggling to pick out colors, you can use Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer. Click the icon below to learn more!

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Interior Home Painting
Interior Painting
Exterior Home Painting

Exterior Painting

When painting the exterior of your home it is very critical to properly prepare the surface so that the new paint will adhere. We take great pride in our thorough prep work to ensure your project lasts for years to come. We first start off by powerwashing 2-3 days ahead of time to ensure that all dirt is removed and the surface has time to dry out before painting. Next we will scrape and sand all loose paint and caulk any gaps that need filled in. Then we will come through and spot prime any bare wood that is showing before the final step which is the top coat(s) of paint!

Exterior Painting

Cabinets Refinishing

It is very important to follow a step-by-step process when painting and refinishing your cabinets to ensure a long-lasting performance with a smooth finish. We ensure an even finish by spraying all aspects of your cabinets. Using a top-quality primer and multiple coats of Kem Aqua modified Lacquer made for kitchen cabinets, we can rest easy knowing that your project will be very durable and will last for a long time!


We start out by removing all of your doors/drawers and taking them to our spray shop. After using a de-glosser and sanding everything we will apply the primer Kem Aqua surfacer to ensure proper adhesion. We also sand in between each application coat and will spray 3-4 coats of Kem Aqua modified Lacquer for the finish coats.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting
Cabinets Refinishing
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